Safety deposit boxes are much smaller than unit or space rentals and specifically designed for the storage of valuable and confidential items instead of bulk storage. Unlike unit or space rentals, safety deposit boxes usually come in standard sizes to accommodate different storage needs.

Customers must produce their ID (passport for foreigners) for identification and verification, as well as sign an agreement to register.

Customer access is subject to our operating hours:
8am – 6pm. Monday to Thursday
8am – 12pm and 2pm – 6pm. Friday
8am – 2pm. Saturday
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

There are registration fees, key deposit fees, ownership transfer/addition fees and damage fees.

Loss of keys will require an official police report, as well as payment for the reissue fee and key loss deposit, in order to gain access to the safety box.

Customers can upgrade their safety box size by paying the difference. Downgrading is also available, but not refundable.

Yes, but the process requires a transfer fee.

No restrictions apply.

Our safety boxes are made from fire-resistant materials, are covered by fire suppression systems and utilise measures to protect against water damage from sources such as flooding or plumbing failure.

When you opened your safe deposit box, you signed a contract listing what you may and may not keep in a safe deposit box. The following items are prohibited:

Firearms including bullets

Explosive items

Illegal substances

Liquid items

Perishable items

Hazardous or Radioactive items